887 Commits (master)

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  Nagy Károly Gábriel c2411006dd Revert "pkgsel.d: remove deprecated net-tools from Network module" 8 years ago
  Christian Wiese bb374b2473 pkgsel: add musl libc as a choice 9 years ago
  Christian Wiese 08914204b0 toolchain.conf: changed to not enable ccache by default 9 years ago
  Christian Wiese b2412925fa pkgsel: add readline to the Interactivity module as it is needed by lftp 9 years ago
  Christian Wiese 2bc2778a8d pkgsel.d: remove deprecated net-tools from Network module 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel bd5acf0e8e pkgsel.d: fixed Base/Security/GNUTLS.ask to include needed nettle 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel d53ddb10d6 pkgsel.d: added python to GLUSTER.ask, needed to build glusterfs. 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 13c6157cec pkgsel.d: added bc to Kernel_linux.all since bc is needed to build the kernel. 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 79b89c180f mnemosyne: renamed overlay.d/sysfiles-embedded/etc_rc.d_functions-ansi.in.patch to overlay.d/sysfiles-embedded/etc_init.d_functions-ansi.in.patch 9 years ago
  Christian Wiese 2a2f71748e pkgsel: fixed Version Control/Python module by adding pcre because swig depends on it 10 years ago
  Christian Wiese 15e5d8b3bd pkgsel: fixed Base/Network module adding sysfsutils because iputils depends on it 10 years ago
  Christian Wiese 939ac39ee8 pkgsel: replaced deprecated module-init-tools with kmod 10 years ago
  Christian Wiese 140ddfa481 toolchain: changed to use cloog instead of cloog-ppl 10 years ago
  Christian Wiese 10f1ed539c pkgsel: added pciids to Hardware/Basics module 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel f2d0106534 pkgsel.d: Due to some quirks which tar>1.23 exhibits when compiled with uclibs 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel ef09e969ec mnemosyne: added popt to base.all, it is needed by gptfdisk. 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 8356f134f4 mnemosyne: introduced gptfdisk in base selection. 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel ce96b59142 mnemosyne: util-linux-ng got renamed to util-linux. 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel e1568c4933 mnemosyne: removed bize from mnemosyne. 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel ddea46d829 mnemosyne: Linux kernel is not 2.6.x anymore. 11 years ago
  Christian Wiese 234fe258af pkgsel/toolchain.all: added libmpc because gcc >= 4.5 depends on it 11 years ago
  Christian Wiese f487e91a73 renamed linux26 -> linux 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel adfb61e208 mnemosyne: added cmake to mysql.ask, since mysql needs cmake to build. 12 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 0c528a2277 mnemosyne: added libdnet and daq to snort.ask (these are needed dependencies nowdays) 12 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel b65f33b47e mnemosyne: renamed overlay.d/sysfiles-embedded/etc_rc.d_functions.in.patch to overlay.d/sysfiles-embedded/etc_rc.d_functions-ansi.in.patch 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 4fd12a2ba6 MTA: added msmtp option including a wrapper for /etc/aliases support 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 92ddc81694 runit: removed runit{,-log}-run in favour of the one now distribuetd by opensde itself 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery f98543432e php: changed run scripts to find runit{,-log}-run at /sbin 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 53928d6bdc php: added run scripts at etc/sv/php-fpm, using the new "generic infrastructure" from mnemosyne/runit 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 450b80197e runit: introduced generic run scripts 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 8f342c9a86 NetworkSubsys.etcnet: add wireless-tools for getting the ifrename command 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 93e75e3ff5 clockspeed: moved run scripts from sheba 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 507af138be dropbear: changed to not accept password auth by default 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery b4ef66d03a mercurial: force python 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery ffc5b28f6a openssh: disable password login by default 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery c7db21da54 dropbear: improved run script so it can be extendable 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 69bc957ceb overlay: delay overlay_apply a bit so it happens after runit's tail_install() 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery c6573b5f51 config: added support for 'master' and 0.1.* 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 4233c6282e mnemosyne: added gsl package to basic 2D Graphics module because inkscape depends on it 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 33e97ab3b0 mnemosyne: removed libmpc from toolchain (reverting commit c9054bee39) 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese a7c56e8a10 mnemosyne: removed l7-filter from basic router module because the kernel module based version is not maintained anymore 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 1ecff51e5b added lua module 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 581495cc70 removed mozplugger patch 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese a4aa74880b GTK digikam module: added gtkimageview (ufraw dependency) 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese e066276eba KDE core module: added soprano build time dependencies 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese b5e4f17816 GTK basic graphics module: added babl and gegl (gimp dependencies) 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese c35bcd4453 GTK audio module: added cmake (needed to build taglib) 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 2141228830 claws-mail plugin module: added claws-mail-gtkhtml2 plugin 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 37f114e52c evolution module: removed gal (not a dependency anmyore) 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 8fb5293682 QT module: replaced qt3 by qt4 12 years ago