Idunn is an small system aiming to give an early rescue/install environment with ssh support, making life easier when one doesn't have physical access to machine.
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# main packages
X openvpn
X dropbear
X rsync
# /dev
X udev
X unet
# fs helpers
X reiserfsprogs
X e2fsprogs
# more and more disks are bigger than 2T
X gptfdisk
# bootmanagers
X syslinux
# needed by dropbear
X zlib
# needed by openvpn
X openssl
X lzo
# needed by 0-gcc
X mpfr
O iptables
O gzip
O bzip2
O nullmailer
O time
O find
O patch
O man
O stone
O shadow
O net-tools
O m4
O less
X mdadm