125 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 5a9791c28d e2fsprogs: fixed to build on idunn (uClibc based target) 8 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel e1959a323a idunn: fixed idunn to include the needed killall5 command 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 268e61f035 idunn: added ehci-pci to the idunn initramfs 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 17c2226459 idunn: Adapted idunn to work with changes introduced at 79b89c1 9 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 207e7a79c7 mdadm: changer map file location from /run to /var/run 10 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel f38ee6053a pkgsel: removed grub. 10 years ago
  Christian Wiese 9b80e373d8 config.in: enable SUSV3 support in uclibc because lvm2 needs usleep() 10 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 53ba7c7586 busybox.config: Added pretty full tar support of busybox, using it instead of gnu tar. 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 604e4027bf idunn: added gptfdisk to idunn as fdisk provided by busybox does not deal well with GPT and drives>2T 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel b1594aa41b idunn: adapted idunn to the linux26-> linux package rename. 11 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 16733b7eb0 idunn: enabled CONFIG_PLATFORM_LINUX in busybox.config 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 684ee1f4ea mkinitramfs: use dropbear_install_hostkey() when available 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 823d24a49e uclibc: enabled SUSv4 legacy 12 years ago
  Christian Wiese 4ea190f4c5 busybox.config: fixed to enable ash and related config options we have to explicitely enable for busybox 1.17.2 12 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel aac7b83f2d idunn: added mpfr because it is needed by newer 0-gcc 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 7e12921441 mkinitramfs: added mptsas support (LSI Fusion MPT) 13 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel b1a7e48586 idunn: Removed delayed.txt leacked in at previous commit. 13 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel aa3c27839e idunn: Moved the rootdelay sequence before softraid or LVM. 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 2266f345c2 rc: removed waste as switch_root never returns 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 89d4624772 rc: implemented autoresume 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery b251073db4 rc.sysinit: enhanced to create /var/run/.idunn-stop if idunn=stop or idunn=shell 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 0707d9572d kernel: added cp437, needed to mount vfat sticks 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 3ea1d7d817 idunn: fixed /etc/profile to provide a good root $PATH 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 17fc1f56a2 busybox: fixed by setting max history to 15 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 8e0065ec64 rc.sysinit: fixed case when root=... is not passed 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 2befb40442 trymount: fixed bug in fstype detection 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 21a695cdd7 init: implemented support for rootdelay=n (in seconds) 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery b99e58d227 init: extended to handle UUID=, LABEL= and nfs:host:path as root= 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 7f51494b90 busybox: added mount -t nfs support 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 5824b39881 nbd: changed to build only the client, without requiring glib 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 8d96490201 mkinitramfs: inject usb-storage by default, to make the installer more useful 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 1eedec36ea mkinitramfs: added keyboard/ modules by default 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery bbabacb5ea wall: changed to only use /dev/console and pts, not vc/* ... udev gets mad 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery cea91329b2 rc.switchroot: enhanced to stop networking before switch to the real root 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 2d7f11b310 init: changed to mount rootfs as read-only by default, just like the kernel itself does 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 84cad42e7c initramfs: added /etc/mtab symlink 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 18bf9e0dd8 console: changed to use /dev/console instead of vc/0 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 4d647b754e init: moved killall and umount logic to rc.shutdown 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 4461845feb rc.shutdown: fixed to leave the house clean 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 521db191c7 rc.d/sysinit: adapted to newer udev 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 3cb5c3275e rc.sysinit: moved the early network setup after the preloading of modules (modules=...) 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 6f7f52466a init: implemented switch_root and revival 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 33a320e456 init: changed to `wall` when `resume` passes 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 1e487597cd resume: changed to call trymount using -v 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery af324104b5 rc.trymount: added -v mode, reminding the user to mount /rootfs if $root is not set 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 87cf188453 wall: enhanced to support the case when $USER not declared 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 8aa15a6ed8 initramfs: introduced a `wall` script 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery ad16af2199 initramfs: introduced `resume` script, to check and trigger a `switch_root` if viable 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 360ef2a994 init: changed rc.trymount to not remount 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 28a6f0de53 init: do rc.trymount automaticly 14 years ago