21 Commits (master)

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  Alejandro Mery 113dfda131 pkgsel: changed to not impose rails - it's not even functional! 12 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 91e3411a05 dagon: set SMTP to ssmtp 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery b5f00095a2 pkgsel: added nginx as WEB option 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 4ba48455ed pkgsel: enabled python and rails 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery d5a1b632f7 config: changed to be vserver-only 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery b4b49bba96 config: moved pkgsel/ to pkgsel.d/ 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 5ce2010dc2 * added client LDAP support on dagon by default. 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 92742c713f * changed dagon to set DOC='core' instead of 'usual' 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery ed89c8d832 * added small README for dagon 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 97b7c6c920 * added copyright note into dagon target 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery f5611699f6 * added tpgtools to SQL=psql module, and enhanced SQL=both to imply pkgsel from SQL=mysql and SQL=psql 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 773c2efda8 * implemented SQL module to (only) enable postgresql if SQL=psql or SQL=both, and mysql if SQL=mysql or SQL=both 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 643317183f * implemented WEB module, enabling apache or lighttpd, but always PHP 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery eb39e35b1f * added placeholders for SQL.{psql,mysql,both,none} module 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 8a0792897e * added placeholders for WEB.{apache,lighttpd} module 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 37245d088a * added DNS to dagon 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 94df2e4e96 * added core MNEMOSYNE settings to dagon 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 6b028f67c3 * enhanced dagon to handle it's own pkgsel/ folder 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 117f17a278 * added basic inherence components fpr dagot target 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 7e25257761 * renamed dagan to dagon, the semitic name 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 354c58318f * introduced Dagan, Akkadian/Babylonian Lord of the grain harvest. A Webserver target 16 years ago