26 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Wiese b00f14379f fix cache files to include util-linux instead of util-linux-ng 9 years ago
  Christian Wiese c751cb30da glib12: fixed gnome14-conf.in to not source scrollkeeper-pkg.conf.in because we removed scrollkeeper 12 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 8c3a128d52 massive cache files update from compiling packages <400.000 , ref build 2011-02-07 12 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 02b695fafd ghex12: droped dead package 12 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 1c216ecab8 gnome-lib14: marked as NOPARALLEL 13 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas f9858ac696 bonobo-conf10: removed old gnome14 package 13 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas f2dde6ef65 removed some gnome14 packages which doesn't compile anymore 13 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 6639f610b5 gtkmm12: added gcc44.patch 13 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 33f63d86e1 gtkhtml10: fixed to compile against glibc-2.9 14 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 880c5a2e60 libghttp10: marked x86 only 14 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 7f3ee423dc gtk-engines10: marked x86 only 14 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas f069032942 gtk+extra10: marked x86 only 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery edc8073b4f libghttp10: removed LIBTOOL-QUIRK mark 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 1164863f06 gtk-engines10: removed LIBTOOL-QUIRK mark 14 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 56564e94fb gtk+extra10: removed LIBTOOL-QUIRK mark 14 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas f836aa3087 ee03: removed obsolete package 15 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 320ffd79c4 soup: moved to the attic 15 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas f4d3ced6c0 Updated gnucash (1.8.12 -> 2.2.3) and moved it from gnome14 to office repository 15 years ago
  Aldas Nabazas 4245cea4a1 added gnomemm12/gcc41.patch 15 years ago
  Alejandro Mery d8cf15a66c Regenerated copyright notes broadly, without renewing them. 15 years ago
  Alejandro Mery d15769f41d Removed trailing spaces massively, hoping to not break anything. Copyright notes not renewed 15 years ago
  Alejandro Mery c8a2b7a0f3 * turned docbookx into docbook-xml in .cache files 16 years ago
  Christian Wiese 364039d4d7 * renamed cf -> xorg-cf-files 16 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel 92619bd505 * added the forgotten glib12.conf, which should have been added at r20088 16 years ago
  Nagy Károly Gábriel d475ae64d3 * added a LFS patch to sanitize the quite ancient configure.sub 16 years ago
  Alejandro Mery 12b79fecfa * relocated current package database to the trunk of the package sub-project 16 years ago